converting tourist visa to working visa

i am a tourist here in qatar from an agent, a company wants to hire me and process a working visa for me, but they need an NOC from my sponsor as required by qatar immigration, but my sponsor which is gulf paradise wont give me an NOC without a copy of ready visa, but according to my future employer they need NOC to process my working visa application, i dont know what to do.please help me, and my tourist visa will expired 2 weeks from now.

The american base in qatar

hello all i am an american and i just got into qatar. i am seeking a job and someone told me to go the american base here but i’m still new so i’m searching the internet for some website where i can apply in the american base but i can’t find it. can someone pls tell me what’s the official website of the american base in doha where i can apply for a job thank you

Need help buying a camera

So i need help picking out a camera, im currently in doha qatar and would love to take some nice pictures. I found 2 cameras, Fujifilm Jx250, 14mp but heard it sucks, and the olympus x940/fe4020, not sure if i should go with either. I would like a user friendly interface, sharp crisp shots, and a reasonable price, any suggestions on models or brands i should look at ?

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