4 thoughts on “I am arriving at DOHA airport next week is there a bar that sells beer there”

  1. G’day Just Mike 53,

    Thanks for the question. Apparently, there is one in the upstairs area as well as a VIP area


    Unfortunately, it only seems to be available to first class and business class passengers of Qatar Airlines


    I would contact the airline you are travelling with.


  2. Eating
    In departures there is the Coffee Beanery Café, A&W, Sterling, TCBY and Ponderosa. In arrivals there is a Costa Coffee café. These restaurants and snack bars offer buffet foods, fresh ground coffee, fast foods, snacks and ice creams.

    I dont think beer is allowed there..

  3. whether your destination is Doha, or transiting through, alcoholic drinks are not sold for consumption in Doha International Airport.

    you may buy alcoholic drinks from duty-free shop in Doha Airport, or from Qatar Airways, but you are not allowed to take them beyond customs line.

    However, if your transit consist of accomodation in one of the hotels in Doha, then you can buy beer and other alcoholic drinks in all 5-stars and 4-stars hotels that you will stay in.

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